"It's a frustrating time to love movies and God."

"I'm a Christian and I hate Christian movies"

- Alissa Wilkinson,      @allisamarie

Terms like “cheesy” are far too common when discussing Christian media; And yes- even within Christian circles! With these well-known facts, content creators were still only able to capture less than 2% of the 2018 market.

The term ‘faith-based’ has done Christians no favors. Instead, it has only furthered the gap from the rest of our world when it comes to media. Anyone who doesn’t desire what can only be described as ‘cheesy’ Christian content can too easily steer clear of it altogether, because the redeeming message of grace doesn’t exist outside of the ridged box filmmakers have created, titled ‘faith-based’, that is, until now!

Media consumption is at an all-time high and climbing. And yet, humanity never seems fulfilled and is always looking for the next best thing. Bofum Pictures, accepts the mission of creating soul stimulating content, and is ready to pair the content with the most successful distribution plans, insuring the widest audience for Christ.

817 total films released

15 categorized as "faith-based"

<2%claim in film market

This results in consumers, of faith and agnostic beliefs alike, to categorize
“faith-based films” as mediocre as well as
too few and far between.